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Over the years, North Korea has been growing and expanding its military and nuclear weapons. Its leader Kim Jong Un has made it very clear that he is not afraid to take action against any country that seemingly poses a threat to his power and North Korea. Two countries, South Korea and Japan, face the most immediate danger if Kim Jong Un decides at any time to launch a missile or nuclear weapon. Because they are so close geographically, South Korea and Japan have greater exposure to the risk of being attacked.

According to an article posted on Time Magazine’s website, the U.S. has attempted to place ‘economic sanctions’ on North Korea; however, these punishments have been virtually useless since China continued to “fund the regime”. (Sherman & Revere. 2017). Since the situation with North Korea is such a volatile one, it is important to not be over zealous in a plan, but it is also equally important to understand that doing nothing just to keep Kim Jong Un happy is not the right plan of action neither. The most effective plan that can be carried out is China actually enforcing agreed upon rules on North Korea. Because China and Russia are basically the only outside source of economic resources, it is pertinent that they hold North Korea to their agreements, and refuse to help them when they renig.


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The threat that posed by the North Korea need to be a new approach that will just command between nuclear weapons and survival. At this point its really risky and it will complicate relations with China that sees Pyongyang as an advantage in its rivalry with the U.S. The America’s South Korean seems are willing to shoulder more risk at the end. North Korea already had a missile that went over Japan just a few days ago. They been missile testing but fail to hit anything.

North Korea trying to get at the U.S so badly but they keep failing with the missile. They can target South Korea, Japan and just the U.S bases like Guam and Hawaii. They are developing solid fuel ballistic missiles that can enable just hide those missiles and just give it a second-strike capability. I will get Russia to help the U.S because they got the most advanced things that the U.S don’t have. Russia is powerful I mean the United States problay have a little more things like our troops and our aircraft but their technology with things are the best what the video I was looking at on Youtube. I will try not even start a war with anyone only if they mess with the U.S first.

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