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Comparing Psychodynamic Theories – Savvy Essay Writers |

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Comparing Psychodynamic Theories

Jung and Adler, while initially closely aligned with Freud, later significantly departed from Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of personality and counseling. In this week’s Discussion, you will closely examine two of these three theories with regard to how they are similar and dissimilar.

To prepare for this Discussion:

• Review the readings for this week.
• Consider how therapists might differ in their sessions when using these theories.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 a brief review that compares and contrasts two of the theories presented this week. In your review, be sure to address the following points:
• Key concepts/unique attributes
• Historical/contextual development of the theory (if relevant)
• Role of the therapist
• Research support for the theory

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.


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