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Please answer the following questions:

  1. What is the scientific method? (psychology)
  2. What role do theories and hypotheses play in psychological research?
  3. An explanation for a phenomenon of interest is known as a ______________
  4. To test this explanation, a researcher must state it in terms of a testable question known as a ______________.
  5. An experimenter is interested in studying the relationship between hunger and aggression. She decides that she will measure aggression by counting the number of times a participant will hit a punching bag. In this case, her ____________ definition of aggression is the number of times the participant hits the bag.
  6. Starting with the theory that diffusion of responsibility causes responsibility for helping to be shared among bystanders, Latané and Darley derived the hypothesis that the more people who witness an emergency situation, the less likely it is that help will be given to a victim. How many otherhypotheses can you think of that are based on the same theory of diffusion of responsibility?


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