Creative Industry Project: Plan a Publically Funded Musical Event – Savvy Essay Writers |


Creative Industry Project: Plan a Publically Funded Musical Event – Savvy Essay Writers |

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From festivals like Woodstock to presidential inauguration concerts, musical events are powerful ways of bringing people together around certain messages and values. They can also contribute to the cultural vibrancy and economic vitality of communities. For this project option, you will develop a proposal for a musical event, articulating a vision for the event as well as making a persuasive case for why it should be funded by the city of Boston.

When the Boston Cultural Council evaluates applications for funding support, it considers how the proposed event will:

• Enhance the quality of life in Boston

• Enhance the economy of Boston

• Grow access to the arts in areas of the City not already well served by cultural opportunities

• Provide access to the arts to populations who don’t typically have ready access to the arts

• Elevate the work of Boston’s creatives

• Foster the creation of new works

• Pursue excellence in the arts

• Demonstrate thoughtful planning and clarity of purpose A single event need not do all these things, but achieving more than one (and certainly the last one) is looked upon favorably.

With this in mind, develop a thoughtful plan for a musical event with clear purpose that aligns (at least in part) with Boston’s stated objectives. Though this is an imaginary event, it should be realistically elaborated, involving real musicians and music, a plausible Boston location and target audience, and a persuasive case to the city of Boston that reflects your research into what Boston already has and what is currently needed. As your reader may not be familiar with the musicians you plan to program, you should provide relevant information about them and describe their music in your own terms, as well as explain why you chose them for your event. Also give your event a name that captures its essence.

What to submit on e-portfolio or blackboard: About 1,000-word proposal, describing the main goals of the proposed event in relation to Boston’s needs, explaining in detail what the event will look like, who will participate, the music to be heard, and articulating how the selected music/event design serve the stated goals. Optionally: write a shorter proposal (~750 words), paired with wellthought-out marketing materials you create to convey the nature and mission of the proposed event – either visual (like a poster or web ad), or audio (like a radio ad).


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