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script Art: Reading/ART by Yasmina Reza.pdf

Using the script Art ,you will create a power point presentation which contains facts and information that you feel enriches the script or adds contextual information that may assist in learning more about when, why and where the story was written.

You will also research the important themes of the play and give contextual information so that the themes are relevant to the production within a historical and/or a contemporary context.

Research example:

The Three Little Pigs:

In the original tale, the second pig builds its house of Furze twigs, which is a common flowering tree from England. These trees are highly flammable, showing that the second pig was being very impractical and irresponsible while building its house.

There will be much more research than just one fact. Look at each character, the moments of the script, the setting, the themes, the subject matter as well as the playwright to gain as much information as possible.

You will provide both images and text to support your research as well as a bibliography in MLA format included within the powerpoint. Also include your dramaturgical thoughts on how the Information that you are providing can aid in the production. This way, the rest of the team can be aware of the importance of your research.


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