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rhetorical analysis of a youtube video – Savvy Essay Writers | savvyessaywriters.net

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Rhetorical Analysis

→ A thesis-driven, analytical essay that examines how a complex, multifaceted text functions rhetorically.


Project 2 will ask you to carefully select a Youtube video (a vlog, commercial, music video, speech…) with a maximum length of 15 minutes. Using specific criteria and tools for rhetorical analysis (learned from course readings and practiced during class activities), you will analyze and examine the rhetorical situation, rhetorical function, and rhetorical success of the text within its community.


In this project, you are required to make a claim. You need to prove whether your chosen text is persuasive and effective to a specific audience or not. In class, we have discussed genre conventions, the rhetorical situation, and the four rhetorical appeals, ethos, pathos, logos, and kairos.

You need to demonstrate that you are able not only to analyze a specific text, but also that you are able to build an argument on your discoveries.


Your ENGL 1010 classmates


Analytical, personal essay


Reasoned and persuasive, (you’re both analyzing and responding to the specific text you have chosen. Remember, this is an argumentative paper, so you need a strong thesis.)




4-5 double-spaced pages


Dirk, Grant-Davie, Bedford Handbook

What Makes this Project Good?

Please be as specific as possible. Point to clearly defined examples in your text. Also, do not forget to tie-in your observations to the intended audience. Do not just tell me what is going on in your text, but WHY it is effective or not.

Project 2 Criteria: What I’m Looking For

Essay demonstrates an understanding of the genre of the text, the elements of the rhetorical situation (exigence, audience, purpose, constraints) as well as the (in)effectiveness of specific rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, kairos, pathos).

Essay contains a clear thesis statement that goes beyond restating the argument of the original artifact text to say something new about the artifact’s text’s (un)successful rhetorical function in a particular community.

Essay provides support for its thesis in the form of adequate and appropriate textual or visual examples from the text, and the analysis of those examples using particular frames (exigence, constraints, etc.) and concepts, strategies, tools, and techniques.

Essay is well-organized and developed with supporting paragraphs referring back to a central thesis.

Essay shows evidence of substantial and thoughtful revision that considers feedback from Peer Review.

Essay follows standard academic conventions of grammar, punctuation, and spelling–containing very few or no surface-level errors—and appropriate MLA documentation/citation and formatting.

Essay meets required length requirement.


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