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Students, as a final assignment to be submitted in your portfolio, you are required to prepare a final report of your process of your argument research paper. You are being asked to reflect on the steps you took to compose your final argument.

Look back from how it began: how you felt about the selection process for the topic, what your feelings were about the topic, what you knew about the topic, and how you set out to build a knowledgeable foundation for the task ahead. Once that was done, continue to explain how you decided to research, what strategies did you use to help expand your thinking and abilities to process what you were learning? When did you feel that you had made some progress in the intellectual process to speak more fluidly about the topic? How did you narrow your ideas down to something specific? When in the process was it clear that you had something substantive to talk about, and how did you determine your audience?

Finally, how did you decide what you were going to focus on in your argument writing, in your presentation, and how did you determine the solutions.

For the conclusion, explain what you have learned and evaluate the job you did in making an argument. Identify 2 qualifiers for your personal evaluation.


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