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Uncovering the true value where IoT meets AI


The IoT has entered the next stage based on the change of technology and the technologies involved, with this value is created based on potential, convergence or integration which in regard enable project to be well facilitated in the AI. Meeting AI involve networks being integrated so that actionality can be promoted. It is a clear indication so that true value can be obtained and delivered IoT needs AI capabilities. Technology should be in position to provide and share best security practices with all dimensions establishing a global disconnection. This can be obtained when IoT tend to be emulated and implemented/upgraded to AI.

Value is created when different functions are intergradedwith minimal cost but higher productivity in place. This is the ground that defines the true value where IoT meets AI this is as stated by Dey, Hassanien, Bhatt, Ashour, & Satapathy, (2018). Based on this ground two phases characterise the actuality of IoT meets AI. The adoption and impact path of industrial internet based on integration of IoT and AI is reflected in a near terms and long terms based on the technological strategy use.

On the near term, operational efficiency tends to be obtained, this is because integration of IoT to AI means that assets utilization is enhanced. This is reflecting to the operation cost been reduced since efficiency call for transparency on how work is integrated and worker productivity is facilitated. Second, new products and servicestend to be obtained, as technology is facilitated and enhanced different view of structural outcome are obtained. This mean that better and appropriate services will be established on the basis of coping up with the phase of technological change. With the new connection ecosystems, it insinuates that development which is bounded on the frameworks of persuasive use of automation and intelligence machined complement human labour which make the face of working condition to change dramatically.

Different study indicates that increased revenue and saving which led to growth top line being depicted since factors like resource atomization and waste reduction have been recognised in all dimension of internet of things. Based on different technologies applies many organisations see great potential in leveraging their services and goods since they can be able to do different functions that are in a more accurate and efficient approach.

Over the past decades, IoT has defined to face some struggles because it has largely lacked the use cases that satisfy real needs or are able to successfully ignite the imaginations and desires of consumers. Despite the great promise and new opportunities of depicted when IoT meets AI many factors, tend to hinder the recognition approach between the emerging technologies.

• High cost of sensor

• Inadequate infrastructure

• Inadequate of application developments tools

• No enough awareness about the current state of technology evolution

i. Abilities to increase ROI

Every organisation is bounded to that fact of seeking ease, speed and solid end-to-end deployment. If IoT can be in a position to meet AI in a more resilient approach it is a clear indication that factor can be met in a resilient approach. It is important to note that IoT value is not just a case of large organisation but utilization of every dimension define how both IoT can be integrated for a common good in the future. Business that are integrated into different functions are in a position to turn social issues into business approach hence reflecting to grate opportunities. These opportunities are bounded to lower cost, higher revenue and increased profit. Arguing that’s fact from “uncovering the true value where IoT meets AI”.

Access to new market is one of the factors that tend to be highly emulated, different technologies have their own chemistry that of doing things. With the recognition factor of AI improvement in productivity through innovated approach and effective ways can be obtained. This factor are reflected to the reduction of cost that will be obtained in all dimension within the activities involved. When integration of IoT to AI is enacted factors like hiring and training cost are short-listed. This give the organisation a common ground of working on a transparent approach since reduction of cost associated within human labour are sort listed or eradicated. Not forgetting standardization of different approach tend to be highly emulated in a significant approach due to the diversification rational, security is another critical and crucial factor that tend to be obtained (Vermesan, & Friess, 2014).

ii. Enhancing Cyber Security

Capitalisation of opportunities to meet different goals need security to be regarded as a top requirement. Every organisation is venerable form their data being attached using different features components, program related to the computer and networks. With the approach of IoT meeting AI flexibility s how data is being integrated tend to be obtained at the same time security measures tend to be improved with a higher perception. In a computing context, many faults tend to be facilitated when operation factors are being carried out. Human are bounded to error since they are not accurate as proportion to the knowledge context they have, with emulation and facilitation of the IoT and AI both cyber security and physical security tend to be facilitated.

There is different way that are in place that are defined to enhance cyber security. However, as far as technology is innovated to the best standards of integration IoT and AI it is a clear indication that cyber security can be well enhanced with better practises. With this, a better understanding of how function within programs are set and how data should be sued tend to be highly emulated in context of the basis of redefining each and every information that is bounded in a computer. This creates the basis of having a certain approach that will create a better working condition within the context of the organisation (Abelson, Sussman, & Sussman, 1996).

Security is a sensitive factor within the corking context; due to change of technologies, different methods are initiated on to how different aspect can be used to in breaching of security. Form this context better and appropriate technology must be used so that unmasking these factors can be out dated. IT security is a factor that need to be addressed with a higher degree of technology, the protection of computer systems from theft and damage to their hardware, software has been a common factor when human intelligence is involved but it is quite clear that with AI in place and IoT being enhanced such factors will be highly eradiated.

iii. Keeping the core running smoothly and efficiently

“Keeping the core running smoothly and efficiently” is ono of the integral factor that may be depicted form this rational. Efficiency is aggravated by that fact that different issues are in a position to be handled with better approach in regard of the technologies in place. This mean more effective and efficient processes tend to be facilitated in both the management sector and how activities are carried out. Running smoothly is what brings about better and increase of production. With the required technology in place, it is clear to indicate that product and service innovation are facilitated. AI intelligence is bounded to human but the level of accuracy is defined to be high when they are integrated with IoT since a connectivity link ted to be facilitated.

Defining the future is technology is what keep the pace of how activities are carries out, the level of technology defines the effectiveness and how factors are attributed to be conducted smoothly. When different activities are kept running smoothly and efficiently it insinuate that the level of production based on the inclusive factors tend to receive a certain impact. As part of evolution of technology, it mirrors variety of activities being enhanced form an internal perspective and external perspective.

However, with all the stipulated advantage factors that come along with better technology being emulated. A social factor of not emulating and creating the level of technology has been facilitated this is bounded by that fact that cost factor based on how to implement and sustain the rerment that are associate with the technology do not add up to the income of money supply that is within the context of money availability. This is the central factor that IoT has not gain a betterintegration to AI.

To sum up this discussion, both IoT and AI play an integral role in an organisation setting. Managing network of connected devices has resulted to an influence that has improved on how different aspect are utilised so that production can be improved. Interoperability should be enhanced by making sure AI are in a position to be used in amore resilient approach so that accuracy and efficiency can be obtained. The future of technology will profound different technologies together so that functions can be simplified for a common good.

Though there are different repercussions that tend to be depicted when application of IoT and AI tend to be implemented. The central factor should be how to come up with a better approach on how different technology can be integrated together for a common good. This means that when technologies are utilised to their best knowledge abilities to increase ROI, enhancing cyber security and keeping the core running smoothly and efficiently can be highly obtained.


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