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This is an EMERGENCY people . This is my final exam and I need an “A”.

The final exam will be based on a case scenario that you will read in D2L and then develop a treatment plan from that case scenario, NOT your own case scenario.

There are various forms of treatment plans but they all have certain features in common which are SMART goals-The Acronym SMART is outlined at the top of the treatment plan that is posted in the course room immediately following the Assessment that you used and completed on your client. Review that acronym for an effective treatment plan. Another version of a treatment plan has also been added to the content section of this course for your review as well.

Please make sure you are at a working computer for your final exam as you will need the time to read the case scenario, write the treatment plan in the Word document format that will be provided in D2L and submit it online.

Students will have 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete their final exam !!!!!

The case study is attached and so is and example of a treatment plan. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT THIS ASSIGNMENT IF YOU CANT DO IT FAST


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