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Your Psychological Experiment

Develop your own original example of an idea for a psychological experiment

(remember, in an experiment you are doing more than simply observing behavior, you

must also manipulate one variable). Describe how you would set up your study in a

short paragraph; include your hypothesis. Identify the subjects and indicate the

control group or condition and experimental group or condition. Identify the

independent variable, the dependent variable, control variables (at least 2), and

possible important extraneous variables (at least 2).


 You already did some of this in the example you developed in class.

o Your DV is the behavior you were originally interested in–what you

“wondered about.”

o Your hypothesis is similar to the variable you think is the cause of that

behavior—the IV.

 Make sure you have good operational (specific and measureable) definitions of

all of your variables (IV, DV, and control variables).

 Make sure, as you figure out how you’re going to do your experiment, that you

indeed have an experiment (with random assignment and an IV), and that you

are not just observing a behavior. (I.e., make sure you do an experiment and not

just a descriptive or correlational design.)

Please note that you do not actually have to DO this experiment (


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