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3 QUESTIONS, EACH ONE HAS TO HAVE A RESPONSE OF 2 PARAGRAPHS EACH. Teacher is a lenient grader, is not a hard assignment at all, should not take long at all.


Type answers to the following three questions in a word processor, then save and attach at the bottom. Please save in the following formats only: Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), PDF (.pdf) Open Office (.ods), or text (.txt). I can’t read anything else and your paper will be late if you don’t get it in on time in the proper format!

Your answers should be about 2 double spaced paragraphs per answer. Please use 12 point font, 1″ margins, and BE SURE to put your name and “Assigment #4” on the paper so you can get credit.


NOTE: The assignment is to read the material and rewrite it in your own words to show you undestand what you read, not simply cut-paste it in or just change a few words. Papers that are cut-paste will be given a ZERO, and if it’s too close to the original will have point reductions.

1. What are the three styles of police discretion that James Q. Wilson identified in his study ANSWER: (watchman style, legalistic style, and service style)? Give an example of how a police officer would deal with a call to deal with a loud party at 11PM on a Saturday night using each of the styles of policing.

2. What is the difference between the initial hearing that happens shortly after the arrest of a suspect, and how is that different from the arraignment that happens prior to a trial?

3. What are community based corrections and intermediate sanctions, and how are they different from incarceration in jail and prison. Define and explain the savings society gains at least three (3) forms of community based corrections and intermediate sanctions. Are there any cons to using these systems?


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