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Compose an email in MS Word – Savvy Essay Writers |

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You are to compose an email in MS Word; incorporate a subject line. Using the Six Cs of Communication, and the inverted pyramid development concept, generate an email to address the following issue (including subject line):

(review the attachment for details of composing an effective email)

Here is your topic:

Scenario: You work for the HR department of a large company of more than 10,000 employees. You need to send an email about the fact that no more paper checks will be issued for pay, but that all pay will be done by direct deposit.

You need to be sure your reader opens the email and reads it carefully (hence, the subject line needs to be carefully considered)

Here are the facts you are given (in no particular order—your boss just handed you a sheet of paper with her ideas listed out):

Direct deposit saves the company money –no stamps or paper.

Employees must get a voided check or routing number to HR by XXX Date (you can make that up).

This will save employees time! No trips to the bank. Money available on pay date.

Those who already signed up for direct deposit do not have to do anything.

This is mandatory, not optional.

Paperwork must be completed by fax or in person. No emailing employee bank info.

HR took a long time to consider the options and costs of payment methods.

Remember, as you compose your message, that a time constraint is also likely in an event like this.

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