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Artists often produce work that reflect events and obstacles in their personal lives. Learning about these influences can help a viewer to see an artist’s work from an entirely different perspective. Biographical details such as place of residence, marriages, children and employment can alter our view of an artist’s work, as well as make them seem more like ourselves. In this assignment you will select an artist to research and create a profile of their personal life as well as their professional accomplishments. This is less like writing a paper and more like making a visual scrapbook. I want to learn about the artist but I also want to SEE their work.


1. Research to gather the necessary materials and information to complete the assignment.
2. Lay out and design each page to make sure you include all the necessary items.
3. Remember to concentrate on visual information as well as text.
4. Follow the format – piece together the pages of your project as detailed below:

page 1: cover page
– introduce the artist’s full name
– provide a photo of the artist
– include a visual sample of this artist’s work
– include your name and the class information at the bottom of the page

page 2: biographical data
– detail where and when the artist was born
– include a map showing the location of birthplace
– identify where and when the artist died
– if they are not dead, identify where they now live

page 3: artistic education
– explain how and where the artist learned their art skills
– identify if they were professionally trained, apprenticed, self-taught, etc.
– show samples of their work, especially if it shows how it changed over time

page 4: public appeal
– explain what makes this artist famous (artistically or behaviorally)
– include a visual sample of their work

page 5: artistic mediums
– show a visual selection of this artist’s work
– search for examples of different styles and mediums

page 6: controversy/infamy/notoriety
– identify if there is anything controversial about this artist’s work
– explain the details of the controversy and provide visual samples
(some artists are known for their outrageous behavior as much as their art)

page 7: see the work in person
– identify where a person could go to see this artist’s work today
– look for museums, traveling exhibits, private collections etc.

page 8: influence
– detail how the work of this artist has influenced others
– what do artists, historians, and members of the public say about their work?
– was the artist famous in life or better known after their death?

page 9: valuation
– identify the monetary value of this artist’s work
– find an example of an auction or insurance value assigned to a work
– identify where it sold, for how much, and who bought it (if possible)
– provide a visual of the specific piece
– include a personal critique of the artist’s work (what you like/dislike)

page 10: sources/references
– list all the sources you used to acquire the information for this project
– include the ENTIRE address or URL for websites
– you must identify where images came from
– provide context for all sources used: books, websites, pictures, etc.

While we tend to turn to the internet for all our research needs, don’t forget there are wonderful resources in the campus library. Also look for alternative source material at sites like YouTube – there are many documentaries made about art and artists that might be helpful in your search for information.

Be Creative:
– include images/visuals on every page
– use colored fonts and creative layouts
– strive to create an experience, not just a written essay
– details and effort will be considered in grading

* Don’t forget to look at the sample project.


When grading your projects, I will be looking at the details and the overall finished results of your work. Pay attention to the instructions. Omitted items and incomplete data will cause points to be deducted. The following breakdown illustrates how I will assess your artist profile project.

+10 / -10 Details about artist are accurately portrayed
+10 / -10 Artist’s work is effectrively showcased in images on all pages
+10 / -10 Profile successfully relates history of artist
+10 / -10 Project is appropriately formatted and designed
+10 / -10 Manuscript is complete – all required materials are present
+10 / -10 Each page contains appropriate information and attention to detail
+10 / -10 Finished project has professional finish and polished appearance
+10 / -10 Student demonstrates sufficient effort in completing profile
+20 / -20 List of sources are correctly annotated


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