analyze a dance video (movements) essay lenght 3 pages – Savvy Essay Writers |


analyze a dance video (movements) essay lenght 3 pages – Savvy Essay Writers |

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The essay need to be MLA FORMAT


do not plagiarize please because I will submit the essay in a platform called turnitin.

You also will need to analyze the movements of the piece and add the minutes of the video

choreographer: Jose limon- there is a time

here is a documentary of him:

Instructions of the rough draft:

Your paper must have:

THESIS: (~20 Points)
A thesis that states what the message/story of the work is, and how the movement phrases and elements of the style of dance (or the cultural/historical context) communicate this message.

The Message/Story of the Work in the Big Picture: (~10 Points)
— Brief Description of the overall plot and style of the piece.
— Relate the plot/story arc to the message
— Relate the style to the message

The Message/Story of the Work in Specific Examples: (~40 Points)
— AT LEAST FIVE Movement Descriptions of phrases (at least ten seconds long) that demonstrate the message/story, as you interpret it
— Relate the each of these physical movements to the message/story

Relate the Work to Dance Overall: (~10 Points)
— Historical / Cultural Distinctness (I.E.: What was the world like at that time, and how did their dance represent or challenge the world around them?)
— Unique Style in Comparison to Other Dances (I.E.: How is the style different from their peers’ work? Why this style instead of another?)

CONCLUSION: (~10 Points)
A Conclusion that confirms your relation of the movements to the message, and expands upon how this work is important and culturally/historically relevant.

Works Cited (at least Three) of different kinds. (~10 points)
EACH video/book/article you use must be cited with a proper MLA citation: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. AND a URL (web link) for any source discovered online. If you are discussing/paraphrasing someone else’s research or ideas, use parenthetical references: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
— Links to the video(s) you mention (2 points)
— An article about the work (2 points)
— Websites discussing the historical/cultural context (2 points)
— Be sure to include the actual link in each citation (2 points)
— Parenthetical References in your work (2 points)

Penalty for late papers (-10 points)
Penalty for Plagiarism, including paraphrasing or failure to cite references (-10 to -40 points per section)

3 pages of info.


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