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By the end of the nineteenth century Arkansas still seemed to be set in the “old ways.” Money talks and there is a very rich elite, segregation is still the norm. However, in Arkansas and the New South: 1874-1929 Carl H. Moneyhon believes that the during the first two decades of the twentieth century Arkansas saw “remarkable change”(112) He goes on to say, “That change had brought with it the breakdown of the old ways.”(112)

Referring to our text, Arkansas: A Narrative History Do you agree with Moneyhon? What are the changes he is talking of?

Moneyhon goes on to say that “Arkansans advanced a revolution in government: They embraced political Progressivism.(113) Who were the major political figures upto the 1950s and what were their political parties?
During the first two decades of the twentieth century Arkansas had experienced remarkable change. Race relations, however, appeared to be just as bad as they had been fifty years ago, (Evidence for this can be found in the Elaine Race Riots).

By the mid 1920s America was in the middle of what is known as the “roaring twenties,” a time of great excess. This, however, would come crashing down in 1929 with the onset of the financial crisis and the Great Depression.

What were the effects of these events in Arkansas?

What natural disasters compounded the adversity?

How did the politicians and citizens of Arkansas react to these national events and the remedies of the federal government during the 1930s?

In 1941 America entered World War II. What effect did the war have on Arkansas and its people?

What was Arkansas like post WWII?

TEACHER ANNOUNCEMENTS: The assignment is a discussion board. You will see that I have provided a number of prompt questions to guide your research and reading. These questions need to be addressed in your first post. So it probably needs to be three or four well constructed paragraphs


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