answer all the following with short answer. – Savvy Essay Writers |


answer all the following with short answer. – Savvy Essay Writers |

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Quiz 2 will be about advertising, gender and female representation (including pornography), representation in mass media, and media as a keyword.

You should know:

  1. How to define the keyword “Media” and what subfields have emerged within it.
  2. How print culture differs from “image-based culture.”
  3. What is meant by the concept that gender is “performative” and what an example of that might be.
  4. How and why stereotypes are used in media. Why are they useful? What is the downside of stereotypes?
  5. How a feminist perspective views issues like pornography, the concept of “the male gaze,” the polarization of male/female qualites, and the concept that the western definition of beauty is “constructed.”
  6. The Stanford Research Institute’s “psychographic” categories for consumers. Be able to define any of the groups listed in the “Image Based Culture” Powerpoint.
  7. Concepts from The Persuaders video, including: Rapaille’s theory of “the reptilian hot button,” “emotional branding” or “pseudo-spiritual marketing,” who Frank Luntz is and what he does, and what the AXCIOM company does.
  8. The real human values that ads attempt to associate products with.
  9. The main pluses and minuses that have been associated with media—what were the utopian hopes for mass media, what have been the major concerns about it, and what have been the actual examples of pluses or minuses of mass media.

The Persuaders video can be watched at the following link:


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