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he emotional tone and subjective spiritual meaning – Savvy Essay Writers | savvyessaywriters.net

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Hello I want you to do this assignment for me:

1. Please give a description of the the lecture. A. That is roughly what was covered overall from beginning to end. Try to give some of the emotional tone and subjective spiritual meaning for the lecture. B. What was the main message?

2. Name at least one revelation you took away from the lecture.

3. According to Dr. DeJonge, what are the various ways Luther is remembered?

I’ll include some notes I took in the lecture in addition to other students discussions and you can paraphrase.

Student 1 sample:

1. The lecture started of with Dr. DeJonge reading from a children’s book about the life of luther. This was a very humorous beginning to the whole lecture as he quoted, that scholars do not entirely agree upon the content. Throughout the entire lecture he focused on most of Luthers’ beginnings. He talked about how he became a monk, what bothered him during this time with the catholic church and how not everyone agreed with his beliefs. I personally enjoyed the part where he described that Luther’s translation of the bible was crucial for the German language. Considering that I am from there, I can totally agree upon this. I do not need to explain any further how popular Luther is in Germany, because DeJonge made a good remark by lecturing about how Luthers’ “Playmobil” figure was the most ever sold in Germany.

B: The main message I got out of the lecture, was that the young Martin Luther had very good intentions to change the Catholic church in a positive way. However, his understanding of scripture(the bible) and other topics were the reason that the protestant faith was formed.

2. I did not really learn a lot of new knowledge about Luther during this lecture, but only because I learned about his life my entire middle- and high school career. However, one thing which I did not know before the lecture is that Luther and Ulrich Zwingli did not agree upon most facts and had different views.

3. First of all he is remembered as the founder of many protestant denominations. He is also remembered as a very brave monk. Like already mentioned earlier he is remembered in Germany as one of the most influential people for the German language. The main concept which he came up with and should be remembered for is the concept of “Justification by faith”. He did not mention too much about the “Old Luther”, who is remembered mostly for his very radical anti semite texts.

Student 2 sample:

  1. Dr. De Jonge’s lecture yesterday mainly focused on Martin Luther and the protestant reformation. It was a special day as it marked the 500th day since the 95 thesis had been nailed on the church door by Martin Luther. To begin, the professor spoke about the actions of Martin Luther as heroic through the children’s book on protestant reformation and Martin Luther’s role in this. He then brought out the ideas of scholars questioning the validity of the event (nailing of 95 thesis on church door) that allegedly marked the beginning of the protestant reformation. The professor then explained the reasons behind Luther’s actions and what parts of the catholic traditions he disagreed with. There were three main ideas in this section that he spoke about: ‘message of justification’, ‘ dealing with scripture’, and ‘disagreement about Lords supper’. Luther changed the Sven sacraments to simply receiving the word of God in faith as he believed one can not earn his/her way to heaven. Also, Luther translated the Bible into German, which went against the teaching of the Catholic Church. Finally, there was disagreement between protestants on wether Jesus is present in the Lord’s supper or not. After discussing these points Dr. De Jonge gave a conclusion which provided the main message. The main message was that Catholics have began to realize that the Bible should be read in ones own language, protestants are realizing that splitting the church may have not been a good idea. This proves that protestant reformation had both negative and positive impacts.
  2. One revelation I took from the lecture was that the whole idea of the 95 thesis may not even be true, even though it is strongly believed as the beginning of the protestant reformation
  3. Luther is remembered to a great extent, especially in Germany. The church door which had the 95 thesis, was rebuilt and engraved again after it burned down. Also, there are many celebrations this calendar year to celebrate the 500th year. Finally, they made a Martin Luther toy which made record breaking sales in Germany.


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