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Case Study

A 21 year old university student enrolls as a1st year; B is the girlfriend a 1st year too. They have been very close friends and they do a lot of things together. People start noticing they no longer do things together for a period of 3 months and no longer talk. C is a male; people seeing B and C doing things together. A is not happy. C starts receiving anonymous threatening messages or strange calls from strangers and then C disappears and B does not know but he had reported the disappearance. After seven days C is unfortunately found in a Mortuary, people are pointing fingers at A and B. Both are arrested. Imagine that you are a crime reporter and covering an incident of abduction, torture and subsequent murder of C; in a situation where A and B are possibly but not necessarily involved. Solve the murder using the following aspects; constitutes of the murder, motive, opportunity and resources needed to commit murder and cover up.


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