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Only focus on creating 2-3 slides that answer question two but fit in will all the information as well. Also include speakers notes on the slide.

“Back to School Night” Team Presentation

Create 6-8 Power Point slides (with notes section in dialogue format) for a “Back to School Night” for parents and family members of R. Dailey’s 1st grade students. Your group will be submitting one version of the Presentation. Each member of the group will complete the Team Peer Evaluation Form based on your team members’ engagement


R. Dailey is a new teacher at Jackson Elementary School. Ms. Dailey has had many courses on culture, as well as how culture and family systems impact student success. She is also well versed in behavioral models that can guide classroom management approaches. Setting up her classroom to take into account the varied needs and cultures of her twenty young students will be challenging, but she is determined to promote the success of each student. A get acquainted meeting with parents and family members might be just the thing to set the stage for a successful start to the school year! But, many decisions must be made before this critical meeting.

Prepare your presentation based upon what you know about the following:

·Promoting cultural acceptance in the classroom

·The importance of communication between teacher and parents/family

·How family systems impact family involvement in student education and success

·The behavioral models that can guide classroom management approaches

In this Assignment, you should include the following:

Collaborate with your team members on the following topics:

1.How to design a class program to promote an understanding of, and appreciation for, cultural diversity. How can you bring parents/family members into the program?

·Showing the parents an inclusive curriculum and asking questions about their child’s strengths

·Show an understanding about the different cultures and expectations

·Celebrate the diversity of each student by making them the student of the week with an all about me poster to bring in and hang up.

·Possibly include special guest that would be able to speak or demonstrate things from our culture.

·Have a pot luck event when families bring a dish from their culture.

·Books about culture

2.How would you design the communication system between teacher and parents? The frequency of scheduled communications and criteria for special communications should be determined.

·Online programs/app


·Folders (have parents sign and have the options to write a comment)

·Text messages


·Frequency of communitcation daily ( folders)

·When comunication is needed for misbehaviors then an email or phone call shall take place to find the underlining cause. And to let the parents know what has happened.

·The criteria for special communication would be bad behavior, needs IEPS, extra help, or even when a child goes above and beyond expectations.

·To help keep track a behavior board will be in place, children will start at green each day and their choices will move them up or down.This will be sent home in the daily communications folder to be signed by parents.

·Red= parental contact

Orange= bad choices

Yellow=bad choices

Green= Ready to learn

Blue= good choices

Purple= good choices

Pink= Outstanding

3.Decide upon the behavioral model that will inform the classroom environment. What aspects of classroom functioning will the model influence?

·Behavior Chart

·Reward system (positive reinforcements) to encourage students to try harder

·For the model we choose the ecological systems

oTo focus on what could be going on in the child’s life may have a big impact on their behavior.

Once decisions have been made regarding the cultural diversity program, communication system, and the behavioral model that will inform the classroom environment, your team will develop a Power Point presentation to present this information at the “Back to School Night.” Each slide must contain a written version of what your verbal presentation would be in the “Notes” area of the slide.

If you use outside sources, remember to cite them in the slides (in-text citations) and then again in your references (reference page). Use APA style; 12-point, Times New Roman font; and double-spaced formatting.

The Power Point presentation should include a title page slide that includes the names of the team members, an introduction slide, and a reference slide (The title page and reference slides do not count toward the number of slides requirement.).


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