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This week we have learned about the physical changes that occur as we age. This week we are going to look at the science behind aging and driving. At what point is someone no longer able/safe to drive a vehicle, and how do we go about having that conversation with our aging parents or relatives? This is a very difficult conversation to have for all parties. Remember, as we age we lose the physical abilities we have as well as the independence that those abilities provide.

Your post should have 3 components:

  • First, reflect on how you react to elderly people driving on the roads and freeways. What do you do/say? Be honest. Now, tell me if your thoughts and feelings about this have changed as a result of what you have learned this week. Will you react any differently
  • Second, I’d like you to do some research on aging and driving. Go to and search for an article on aging and driving. Be daring, don’t select one of the first 5 articles that pops up! Read it and then report back on the following:
    • a review of the article in your own words
    • relevant statistics
    • recommendations from the researchers
  • Given this information, how would you handle having to have the “no more driving” conversation with an elderly family member? Consider what supports you can provide a family member once they are no longer safe to drive. If you have experienced this conversation before please feel free to share.


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