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  • An introductory hook that grabs readers’ interest and tells them clearly what the piece will cover. Your introduction should include enough background and overview of the issue or environmental problem to inform your reader and keep her interested. Your introduction should also include a thesis statement.
  • Basic facts and some description about a specific problem or angle related to your educational topic.
  • Quotes, paraphrases, and/or summaries of at least 3 sources from your group research presentation.
  • Discussion of a solution or strategy that you would like to suggest to the readers of the newspaper or magazine, that you would like a larger audience and an informed audience to be made aware of by reading your piece.
  • A conclusion where you wrap up your discussion. You might look forward to the future of your topic, encourage readers to take action on your topic, leave us thinking about the larger implications of your topic, etc. Your conclusion clarifies the stakes the of environmental problem facing the D.C. region that you have researched and examined.
  • 3 to 4 pages


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