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just please try answer as you are doing internship right now in the internships, you transitioned from an observer – someone who is learning and watching to acquire knowledge about his or her role and potential for contributions – to a participant, worker and full participant in your internship. Respond to the following questions: When did you transition from observer to participant in your internship? Was there a particular moment or was it gradual? What facilitated the transition? Time, knowledge, trust? What did you do to facilitate the transition? How did you feel as an observer? As a participant? Which was more comfortable and why? How can you maximize your role as a participant? What contributions can, and would, you like to make? What can you do to increase your participation in the internship? Please also respond to one of your peers’ comments with an observation of your own about their process or experience in their internship. Be mindful of using constructive or helpful feedback when commenting. T


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