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How can do this ? – Savvy Essay Writers |

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Please follow these detailed instructionsعرض في نافذة جديدة for completing Paper #2. (Same instructions will be given out in class on Thursday, 10/12 and you will begin your outline in class on that day.


This paper is worth 25 points. NO automatic points awarded on this assignment. Please print out this rubricعرض في نافذة جديدة so you know how you will be graded on this paper. You must upload a copy to Canvas before class on Tuesday, October 17th and BRING A HARD COPY TO CLASS.

For this paper you will choose one from the following topics to analyze:

  • Education
  • Dating
  • War
  • Human Trafficking

Your paper must be minimum three pages, college level quality, with proper spacing, grammar, paragraphs, spelling, etc. It is okay to go over the minimum page length.

Part 1: Introduce the topic you have chosen to analyze and the theory you will be using to analyze that topic.

Part 2: Introduce the theory you will be using to analyze this topic. Discuss the assumptions/premises of the theory using correct theory language.

Part 3: Apply the theory you’ve chosen to the topic you’ve chosen giving at least three examples of how this theory applies to the topic you’ve chosen. Please use proper theory language; in other words explain what the terms mean before and as you apply them.

I need two files

One write outlin and one do all of thim


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