FINAL PART TWO-Essay Questions – Savvy Essay Writers |


FINAL PART TWO-Essay Questions – Savvy Essay Writers |

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What is the difference between composition and improvisation? Discuss the continuum between the two processes and include what resources composers and improvisers draw on to fashion their own unique creations.

How would you define the subject of musical texture and how does texture relate to density? What are the four main categories in which Western music scholars have classified texture?

What are some of the ways that music and technology have always been intertwined and how do electronic instruments and studio techniques open a wide range of possibilities for creative musicians? In what ways is the textbook dated in it’s references to “modern” music technology?

Why does every sound have a distinctive timbre and how is timbre related to tradition, technique, and structure, as well as to an individual’s expertise and sensitivity?

As in the Midterm, please choose your three favorite videos presented at the Moodle site for this class from chapters 7-12. Explain their importance to your understanding of the specific chapter and music in general and why you chose them to be among your top 3.

I know you have worked very hard in this class. I hope that you have an expanded viewpoint about music. Please discuss the three most significant changes, using 10-12 sentences, to explain your new perspective regarding the profound expression of creativity we call music.


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