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Who can write an outline about the description below?. I need the outline to submit it at 2;00PM. Then, I will write an essay about the outline that you wrote it.

Length: 3-4 pages


The writer’s purpose is to persuade a specific audience through a well-developed line of reasoning and sufficient credible evidence.

SLO’s: (student learning outcomes)

  1. Rhetorical Knowledge
    1. Focus on rhetorical situation, audience, and purpose
    2. Use voice, tone, format, and structure appropriately
    3. Write and read texts written in at least one genre for a n academic discourse community
  2. Develop Experience in Writing
    1. Learn recursive strategies for generating ideas, revising, and editing
    2. Learn to critique one’s own work and the work of others
  3. Knowledge of Conventions
    1. Develop knowledge of linguistic structures including gram ma r, punctuation, and spelling, through practice in composing and revising
    2. Develop knowledge of genre conventions for citing, structure, paragraphing, tone, and mechanics
  4. Use of Sources and Evidence
    1. Select appropriate evidence
    2. Consider the relevance of the evidence
  5. Develop Critical and Creative Thinking
    1. Identify context
    2. Present
    3. a position
    4. Establish a conclusion indicated by the context and that expresses a personal


Students will examine the role definition plays in argument and explore various definitions of a word and how those varying definitions persuade an audience. How something is defined affects the way people understand an idea and how they discuss and communicate an idea; definitions set parameters for a discussion. A writer can use various strategies to define a word such as examples, details, personal experience, description, causes, effects, analysis, etc.

For your first essay assignment, I would like you to choose one word and write an exposition of the specific word’s history, cultural position, and personal significance to you. Your purposes are to explain the word’s etymology (the word’s origin) and denotative meaning, to discuss the main highlights of the word’s connotative and slang usage, and to describe the ways that you use the word. You r main point [thesis statement] should explicitly state what the word is and why it holds a place of importance in our language. You will draw on class discussions, professional essays, the Urban dictionary (if applicable), Merriam- Webster’s dictionary, and the Oxford English dictionary to develop your ideas.

Source usage:

For this essay, you will use three sources–Urban dictionary (if applicable), Merriam – Webster’s dictionary, and the Oxford English

Documentation format:

Please use MLA format. Remember to cite the information both parenthetically and on the Works Cited page. Essays without a Works cited page will not be accepted.

Grading Rubric:


After reading your essay, I should get a concise, yet clear, picture of you r chosen word’s usage, history, cultural significance, and personal relevance.


Your writing must demonstrate the ability to blend source material within you r own discussion. You must also demonstrate the correct and appropriate use of an outside source.

Critical thinking

The writer develops his or her discussion in a substantial way, explaining the definitions in depth and with creativity.


The essay should be structurally coherent with clear, contextual transitions. All content should support the ma i n claim of the essay.

At the paragraph level, the content should show appropriate patterns of development, the sentences should be connected with appropriate transitions, and the details should relate to the ma in claim.


The thesis statement, or main claim, must be explicitly state what the word is and why it holds a place of importance in our language.


Sufficient and clear use of description to convey the content, as well as conscious stylistic choices, should be utilized to demonstrate you r command of language. Paragraphs should include enough examples to ma ke the sub-point understandable for readers. Overall, the essay should follow the academic paragraph structure.

Appropriate and effective use of grammar and mechanics

This is a formal essay, so you r language and style should be formal as well. You may use both first and third person voice; however, limit you r use of first person, and do not use second person (“you,” “you r”) at all. Your word choices and usage must be academic and more formal than you r previous essays. You cannot use contractions, jargon, or slang, unless they occur in a direct quote.

Proofread you r essay. Comma splices, fragments, fused sentences, errors in pronoun agreement, the use of second person voice, and general sloppiness will significantly lower you r grade.

Source usage

Your writing must demonstrate the ability to use sources effectively in support of your claims and to integrate source material within your own discussion. You must also demonstrate the correct and appropriate MLA citation of an outside source.


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