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Respond letter to a customer’s complaints – Savvy Essay Writers |

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Notes to help you complete this work am posting

When responding to a customer complaint, it’s important to do three specific things:

  1. Respond specifically to the issues brought up by the customer.
  2. Provide a specific apology that acknowledges any mistakes on your end.
  3. State exactly what you intend to do (or have already done) to make it right.
  4. Propose how you will improve the customer’s experience in the future. You may have noticed a theme here, and that theme is specificity.Customers don’t want a vague non-response that insults their intelligence. If you are going to respond to a complaint, it’s important to be very specific.First, actually address each portion of the customer’s complaint. If the complaint came via a brief or mid-sized message, respond to each point. If it was a lengthy rant, try to address the main (or rational) points.Next, take ownership of anything your business messed up or could have done better. If you made a legitimate error, say sorry. If your customer was confused about something most people understand, apologize that the experience wasn’t more intuitive.Most importantly, make it right. Resolve the issue. Fix the problem. And then tell the customer EXACTLY what you did to ensure that they are happy in the end.Finally, tell your customer about how you will their experience with your business better in the future. In some cases, this might just be a fix on your end. In other cases, it might require the customer to better understand your product. Either way, tactfully propose a solution that ensures the customer’s next experience with your business is a positive one. This one is tough! You have to put yourself in the shoes of the business you just complained to. Keep in mind, that from this perspective, the answer isn’t about one customer. The answer is about setting a precedent that can be sustained while also realizing in the new world of Yelp and social media, the customer has more power then ever on a grand scale. This should be 500 words and will be graded on the following five items: a clear complaint, details included, clear request for corrective action, correct usage, and professional tone. The response should be back to your complaint letter from last week. I have attached the complaint letter so it will be easy to respond to the assignment I want done.


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