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Psychology Worksheet – Savvy Essay Writers |

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Please answer the questions provided below:

  1. What major issues confront psychologists conducting research?
  2. List three benefits of using animals in psychological research.
  3. Deception is one means experimenters can use to try to eliminate participants’ expectations. True or false?
  4. A false treatment, such as a pill that has no significant chemical properties or active ingredient, is known as a __________.
  5. A study has shown that men differ from women in their preference for ice cream flavors. This study was based on a sample of two men and three women. What might be wrong with this study?
  6. A researcher strongly believes that college professors tend to show female students less attention and respect in the classroom than they show male students. He sets up an experimental study involving observations of classrooms in different conditions. In explaining the study to the professors and the students who will participate, what steps should the researcher take to eliminate experimental bias based on both experimenter expectations and participant expectations?


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