Psychology Paper 1 page APA format – Savvy Essay Writers |


Psychology Paper 1 page APA format – Savvy Essay Writers |

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For this assignment, investigate the difference between the textbook versions of disorders and the media-popular versions of these disorders. Collect 2 examples of reports of real life behavior from newspapers, magazines, books, television and radio news stations that appear to be caused by psychological disorders. You are not looking for fictional characters in literature, tv shows, or movies, but rather TWO real persons who are being reported on by the news.

For each example:

1. Note the symptoms identified.

2. Check whether an official diagnosis is reported in the media piece.

3. Discuss what impression of abnormal behavior is created by the report.

4. Discuss whether that impression is consistent with the description of the disorder presented in the textbook.

When submitting the assignment, please include links to the media examples (or attach scans of printed material). You must provide links or scans of your research.

APA format required. You should write at least two paragraphs on each person/case discussed.


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