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The Animal Ethics Reade – Savvy Essay Writers |

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The Animal Ethics Reader – edited by Susan J. Armstrong und Richard G. Botzler

The Problem of Other Minds and its Consequences: What Grounds Ethics? & Trolleys, Switches and Bridges

Social Contracts & Ethics

FE – Ch 10 Ch 11 from Assessing the Principle of Universalizability to end, Ch 12, from Five Problems with the Principle of Humanity to end, Ch 14, Ch 16 from A problem for Ross’ View to Ethical Particularism, Ch 17 from Objections to end, & Ch 18 from Challenges for Feminist Ethics to end. pp. 139-158, 170-173, 183-192, 208-220, 244-249, 266-274, 287-289,

C – Invisibilia Podcast: The New Norm


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