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discussion post Evaluating A Scene From A Film – Savvy Essay Writers | savvyessaywriters.net

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Evaluating A Scene From A Film.

For this discussion topic, I would like you to think of a scene from one of your favorite movies.

In a paragraph or longer of writing, try to describe as much about the scene as you can without getting into the dialogue of the actors or their overall acting capabilities. Just describe the visual aspects of the scene, such as: the overall environment and appearance of the scene, the costumes actors are wearing, the use of color or black and white, the camera angles & lighting, etc.

Be sure to identify the title of the movie you select before you describe a scene from it. It does not matter what movie you select, just as long as you can describe in great detail(s) a scene you enjoy from the film.

Please respond in six to eight sentences.

EXAMPLES of other Discussion:

1- James Cameron’s Titanic

In the movie, Titanic, the scene I want to illustrate is when the lead male and female characters, Jack and Rose, first meet at the stern of the ship.

The scene begins when you see Rose running towards the stern of the ship and you see Jack smoking a cigarette. When Rose is running you see the bottom of her dark red dress and you notice the lower fringe is made with black glass beads. What is odd is that you do not see her shoes. In this night, dark, scene the camera and the lighting are focused on her face while she is running. As she gets closer to the white gate at the stern the view is wider so that the whole ship is visible making her look small. Jack, lying on a wooden bench, is wearing a green and brown worn fur coat. As he is lying on the bench, smoking a cigarette, the scene shifts momentarily to the stars that Jack is seeing. As Rose approaches the stern of the ship the darkness makes the railing seem blue. When you see rose climbing over the railing it appears to be white, but as the camera moves the stern becomes blue. As Jack enters the vicinity of Rose, the lighting becomes brighter and the objects become more visible.

2- Sully

In the movie “Sully” birds flew into the engines; the sky was clear and calm. Out of no where a flock of birds flew right into the plane and shut all the engines down. All this happened so sudden that the pilot had to make an emergency landing in the Hudson River. The river had some layers of ice on it, temperatures where freezing. Everyone survived the crash landing on the river, but they had to get out of the plane and on to the wings and rafts until help could arrive. You could see the people’s breath in the cold air and them shaking from the freezing temperatures and not having their coats on. There where bright yellow life vest that some passengers where able to wear that helped them be spotted in the river faster from the Coast Guard. The ferry boats threw the passengers orange life vest and pulled them on the boats. Red Cross was waiting on the shore with blankets that where white with the Red Cross name and symbol on them. This was a very inspiring movie, the pilot and his co-pilot did not get the credit or trust from the Board of Directors of the airlines they worked for. Together they saved 155 lives and they were trying to find them at fault for the way they landed the plane on the Hudson River.


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