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This is what the Handout needs to be adjusted: The following sections were missing: history of the disorder and DSM diagnostics. Not all of the sources were represented in the handout. The DSM was not listed as a source and it’s a big part of it

This handout is for a 5 mins presentation, and it was not meant to be long or a lot of writing. You can delete some info with their sources if necessary, but it still needs to meet the minimal requirements (10 sources) and notice me about what you deleted.

And these are the requirements for the handout

-References to the three peer-reviewed journal articles that you worked on during and outside of class.

-A reference page at the end of the presentation that contains at least 10 references upon which your information is based.

-Diagnostic information for your disorder that comes DIRECTLY from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders (5th edition), DSM-5.

-Explanation of symptoms in your OWN words–words and concepts that are unique to the disorder that need to be described in general terms to the class.

– Statistics about your disorder

-Risk factors

-History of the disorder

-Treatment options (focus on medical, therapies, other…)


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