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Ill put te questions below – Savvy Essay Writers |

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1. HR Management: An unincorporated area of Harris County has voted to become a municipal government [i.e., a city]. A human resources (HR) department is needed to handle the needs of the new city’s employees and to manage hiring, retention, and firing operations. To accomplish these tasks, the mayor and city council have hired you, as a consultant, to establish an HR department. You are instructed to build the HR department around the principles of KSA (knowledge, skills, and abilities); the Hatch Act; a process for ensuring that good, capable people are hired and retained; and a process for firing bad employees. Describe how you would functionally arrange the new HR department to accomplish these tasks. [Hint: Much of this is covered in my notes.] Please note that I do not want anything regarding the new department’s staffing (e.g., hire one director, two job classification specialists, three clerks, etc.] or its organizational approach [e.g., the bureaucratic model]. (Value: 8 points. Maximum length: 2 pages.) 1

2. Decision-Making: After two years of operation, the mayor and city council have decided that the HR department is under-performing. Their decision is based upon the following information furnished by others as indicated below: a. Employee satisfaction survey results, which was conducted by the city’s public employees’ union. b. HR stakeholder focus group feedback arranged by and composed of local private sector HR managers. c. Survey results furnished by private HR consultants who may potentially bid for future city business. d. Research provided by the Society of Public Choice Economists. [Hint: You must know what public choice is per Kettl.] e. Attentive public [stakeholders with an interest in HR – e.g., city union officials, families of city employees, and employees] feedback that the employee turnover rate is 20% and such a turnover rate is unsatisfactory; The mayor and city council ask you, the city manager, to review their hybrid rational/bargaining decision making process to ensure that it is sound and proper. Report to the mayor and city council your findings and recommendations. [Hint: What are the basic issues of decision-making and what are the limits decision-making?] (Value: 7 points. Maximum length: 2 pages.)

3. Performance Measures: The mayor and city council direct you to improve the HR Department’s performance by 25%. What should be your response to them? What should you do? [Hint: Behn discussed this issue, and most of the presenters mentioned it.] (Value: 5 points. Maximum length: 1 page.)


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