Essay 3: Your Own Argument (Multi-Source Argument) – Savvy Essay Writers |


Essay 3: Your Own Argument (Multi-Source Argument) – Savvy Essay Writers |

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o You are expected to turn in your peer workshop rough drafts, final draft. Also, you much submit the final draft of your essay to SafeAssign.

o Your essay is considered incomplete if it is missing any of these components. I will not accept late or incomplete essays without an extension.

  • Objectives: Use all phases of the writing process to create a largely error free essay; avoid plagiarism; employ a variety of organizational patterns to support or advance central ideas (theses/claims).
  • Minimum Length: 4-6 pages
  • Thesis Proposal

  • In your thesis proposal, you need to submit what prompt you are choosing, the article you have chosen, and your working thesis as well as any questions
  • you have for me.

    Pick One of the Following Prompts

    Prompt #1: Zootopia

  • Required Research/Readings: Zootopia (2016), Additional Readings:
  • “Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination,” “At 13, I Didn’t Expect My

    Teacher To Be Afraid of Me,” “The Nature of Prejudice”

  • Background: So far, you will have watched Zootopia, and read three additional
  • readings, which you can use for this prompt. The film, while funny and engaging

    in many ways, presents certain social issues addressing the perceptions and

    prejudices that come with race, size, gender or overall identity and social


  • Prompt: Your task is to consider some of the social, racial, or identity issues that
  • present themselves. Using Zootopia and at least one of the readings, you will

    need to come up with your own argument about a social issue that was presented

    or implied. Your argument should be focused on the meaning you have taken

    from the article(s) and movie. Consider what we have learned about constructing

    an effective argument through rhetorical strategies such as PACES and Ethos,

    Pathos, Logos PowerPoint to develop your own.

    Prompt #2: Rhetorical Analysis

  • Required Research/Readings: Zootopia (2016) and one of the additional readings • Prompt: Your task is to preform a rhetorical analysis of one of the readings/articles attached to Zootopia. Your argument should be whether or not the author’s argument is effective or not. Please focus on the PACES elements and the all of our rhetorical strategies and analysis PowerPoints. o For example, you could argue that the author’s argument is effective because of their claim employ ethos
  • Requirements (Successful Essays Will Include): Ø An introduction with a hook, background information, and a thesis with your argument about the prompt you have chosen Ø Use of PACES or Rhetorical Strategies Ø Counter Argument and Refutation Paragraph (either your first body paragraph or your last body paragraph) Ø Body paragraphs in PIE format Ø A conclusion with a restatement of the thesis and final thoughts.

    I uploaded the thesis proposal work base on it


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