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Summarize and apply concepts – Savvy Essay Writers |

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Listen to Bryan Stevenson’s Ted Talk Presentation, We Need to Talk about an Injustice. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Summarize what you learned most from the presentation, then relate sociological concepts as it relates to deviance, especially the criminal justice system.

No research or citations needed and maximum 2 pages ( no longer than 2 pages)

Here are the terms, concepts and ideas that you can apply:

3 elements of criminal justice System: polices (the gateway into the criminal justice system), The court (determine guilty or not guilty), Punishment ( it range from community service to death penalty)

– Strain Theory: social structures in society encourages deviant behavior.

-There is a conflict between society’s means ( schooling & job opportunities ) & the establish goals ( such as financial success )

-Conformity: individual accepts society’s means and established goals ( one who gains wealth through school and hard work)

-Innovation: individual who accepts society’s goals (financial wealth ) but create other ways to achieve that goal( unconventional means)

-Ritualist: individual who accepts the means but rejects the goal ( person sticks to the conventional means to achieve goal in order to feel respectable)

-Retreatism: individual who reject both the means @ the goals of society and retreats from society’s norms; lives an unconventional lifestyle, willing ( such as street people)

-Rebellion: individual who reject the goals & the means of society and recreate their own.


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