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After reading the article write an essay in which you argue whether or not

you think the internet is making us “dumber.” Why do you believe this, or

why not? Support your point with original and compelling arguments that

go beyond those suggested in this article. Defend your position using

compelling counterarguments. Your essay should show an understanding

of this article, and your own research without simply repeating it (unless

quoting), and you should incorporate specific details from your own

experience and knowledge into your response. The specific requirements

for this essay are as follows:

4 pages minimum.•

MLA format.

Summarize the main idea of the article.

At least 3 additional sources not including this article.

Write a thesis as the last sentence of your introduction in which you

take a stance on the issue (do you think that the internet is making

us less intelligent?).

Include at least 3 quotes from your own research, this article, or the

readings we have done so far for this progression.

Include a counterargument.


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