EC110/EEC1202 Rasmussen Mod4 Materials & Equipment for Weekly Plan Paper – Savvy Essay Writers |


EC110/EEC1202 Rasmussen Mod4 Materials & Equipment for Weekly Plan Paper – Savvy Essay Writers |

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Incorporating appropriate materials and equipment into the early learning environment is an important part of the curriculum planning process. For this portion of the Course Project, you will identify appropriate materials and equipment for the weekly curriculum theme/plan you are developing.

Compile a list of materials and equipment needed to carry out your curriculum theme. Make sure your list is complete and detailed, taking into consideration the following:

Materials and equipment representing all areas of PILES

The number of children in your group (be sure you have enough)

Include furniture, shelving, materials, toys, etc.

Must be developmentally appropriate for your group

Incorporates diversity

Meets of the needs of children with special needs

For additional information on the quantity of materials needed for a state child care business license, refer to the State’s child care or family child care licensing guidelines.

Use the following online resources to make sure you are thorough:


Community Playthings

Constructive Playthings


Submit the following

A list of materials and equipment necessary for your weekly curriculum plan. Include headings/titles to organize the list.

Include a one-page description of why you chose the materials and equipment. Be sure to explain how they support the areas of PILES, as well as the developmental goals and objectives for the children in your group.

A list of e-sources you used to find the materials and equipment. Use APA formatting for your resource list.

Join together the material and equipment list and the description into a single Word document approximately 2-3 pages

If you need the name of my State it is Louisiana and Can you make sure you do it right cause the last course you did for me my instructor need some more of the teacher strategies i think it was under Module 2 Assignment the one you did say Nine Learning Experiences. Thanks I appreciate it


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