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For this discussion you need to research and post about a religious specialist (i.e., a kind of specialist that is associated with a specific belief system – not a specific individual). If you choose to include an individual as an example, focus on the aspects that define the position, not the person. Like previous assignments, this can not be a specialist covered in the book, modules, or by another student (so consider calling dibs) and make sure to cite your sources.

Although we focused on ritual specialists in the module and book, you can post about any kind of religious specialist. Make sure to include:

  1. The religious tradition they are associated with
  2. What their job description is
  3. How they enter into that profession
  4. How this relates to previous class topics (e.g., worldview, myth, symbol, rituals, altered states of consciousness).
  5. If it is a ritual specialist, whether you would classify them as shaman or priest and why.


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