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Lesson Three Exercise – Playwright Research

We have been spending a great deal of time looking at the history of African American Theatre and the playwrights, actors, and artists who make up the history of this culturally distinctive movement of Theatre and storytelling.

While we have been spending this time looking backward a bit at the rise of the various voices in African American Theatre and the plays, actors, directors and playwrights who shaped the history of its influence and cultural importance, we should also be looking at those playwrights that are working today that have continued the development and the proliferation of African American Theatre and what it means to be an artist working in and /or pursuing Professional “African American” works of Theatre and Art in our era.

For this exercise please do the following:

1. Go on-line and research any current or recent production(s) (within the last 10 years) of plays that would fall under the description of African American Theatre as you understand it from our course so far. The play MUST be from a playwright that we have NOT discussed directly in class. This playwright must also still be living.

2. Research and provide at least ONE review of the play. This will be a review from a paper, an on-line paper or magazine, blog, or interview that speaks to the specific play you have chosen. (You may copy and paste the link or the article into your assignment)

3. Research the playwright and write a Minimum TWO page overview of their background, their work, any influence or impact that their work may have had, is having, or hopes to engage on the particular social conversation that your playwright wants to have. Why did they pen this play that you chose? How does the play fit within the playwrights greater body of work? How is this playwright received by his peers and colleague’s? How is, or was the play received by the local population? Would you like to see this play? Why or why not?

4. You must show some picture research as well. (Production shots, picture of playwright, actors, publicity shots for the show..Etc.

For your reviews of plays go to any major newspaper and begin to look through their Arts and Entertainment sections for Theatre Reviews.

LA Times

New York Times

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Sun Times

San Francisco


Washington D.C.

Anywhere in the South…..

You can also look up reviews for plays using key word searches in Google.

Make sure you answer ALL parts of the question, and BE SPECIFIC!! The more in depth your answer, the better your score will be.


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