Lab 6- Lizard Island Thermodynamics! – Savvy Essay Writers |


Lab 6- Lizard Island Thermodynamics! – Savvy Essay Writers |

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  • Complete “Lizard Island Thermodynamics”! Save the final printout as a PDF or .jpg and click the link above to submit Lab 6. Rubric for Lab 6 (5 pts)This lab report will only have one two sections: the Results and Discussion. This lab report should be a minimum of 150 words. Only the submission of a single Word document is required for this lab report. Please ensure that your document is either a .doc OR .docx file to ensure that we can easily access your file from both a PC and Mac computer.Results (3 pts)Screenshot or pdf of the summary screen (submitted separately if using a pdf).Discussion (2 pt)•&νβσπ;Which of the three different organisms (female asexual lizard, female sexual lizard, male sexual lizard), did you find the most challenging to simulate? What in particular was he greatest challenge you faced?•&νβσπ;How can the challenges of sexual reproduction result in greater genetic diversity?1 pt will be deducted if lab report does not meet word count requirements and up to 1 pt may be deducted based on clarity of writing and grammar mistakes. Lab reports are due by Friday, November 10, 2017 at 11:59pm through the proper submission link in Blackboard. No late lab reports will be accepted for this assignment and no lab reports sent via e-mail will be accepted.
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