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Healthcare, Alzheimer’s Disease, Euthanasia – Savvy Essay Writers |

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Write a minimum of 750-800 words (NO penalty for going over 800 words!). Remember to review criteria for discussion posts: Including at least 3 scholarly resources, APA style, APA citations, and references in APA format. Please place response into the text box. You are to respond to 3 classmate posts. Include your textbook and resources provided in prompt as references. Feel free to use and integrate additional scholarly resources you deem appropriate.


We now know more about the cognitive aspects of the middle-aged and late adulthood brain than ever before. However, it is also true that much of aging is coming to terms with significant declines in health. Having the ability to seek and find affordable treatments to both correct and manage these health challenges is of great importance to the aging.

What are your views on the current health care crisis and subsequent discussions underway around the country? Do you agree with a government option? Should we give discounted health care benefits to those who take care of their health? (ie. regularly work out, yearly well visits, keep cholesterol, blood sugar, and weight at healthy levels). Explain. What do you recommend as a solution to the healthcare challenges? Since many receive health-care benefits through their workplace, do you believe fear of losing these benefits will deter aging Americans from retirement? What effect might delaying retirement have on the economy?


Jan’s Story: Love and Early-Onset Alzheimer’s

Go to

(If the link doesn’t work, search keywords “Jan’s Story, Alzheimer’s, CBS news, Barry Peterson, Jan Chorlton”). Watch the video story in its entirety (runs about 10 minutes).

NPR: Tackling Alzheimer’s Disease

Go to (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and listen to the Diane Rehm program on Alzheimer’s disease.

Go to and review the following report: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Answer the following questions in a formal response using the discussion post criteria:

Given the circumstances described, what are your thoughts about Barry Peterson’s decision to begin a new relationship? What do you think you would do if you were in his position?

After listening to the Diane Rehm panelists, what do you believe is of greatest importance regarding health care provisions for Alzheimer’s care? What did you learn about Alzheimer’s disease regarding origins/causes of the disease, treatment, or caregiver concerns? What are some of the risk factors for Alzheimer’s?

What did the report indicate the number of people afflicted with Alzheimer’s and other dementias in the United States in 2017? And 2025? What percentage in Texas in 2017 and in 2025? What is the average annual cost of nursing home care? What are the annual estimated costs for unpaid caregiving?

What is the most striking piece of information you learned while doing this assignment? DO YOU HAVE LONG TERM HEALTH CARE COVERAGE? Why or why not?

A topic typically not discussed until the later years of human life, some believe humans should have the “right” to decide when they die, particularly those suffering from terminal illness. What are your thoughts on euthanasia, passive or active? (Please, be respectful of different views when discussing). There are many types of euthanasia: what types do you agree with and what types do you disagree with? What makes some types of euthanasia so politically hot while others are socially accepted?


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