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  • Mid Term Paper due 8/04/17

    I think by now, you might see that definitions are fluid and when relative to morality and opinion, there is no agreement at all. Something as simple as right and wrong can differ greatly across cultural boundaries and create not only misunderstanding but also anger. Relativism would have no absolutes and all things a matter of individual preferences. That may work in the “moral” demension but in the “legal” world, it may not fly. Much of the frustration and anger that comes from disagreement, in-groups and out-groups, leads to large scale violence. There are two areas in which to reconcile right and wrong, the moral framework or the legal framework. For two people to be in agreement they must be using the same standard. Explain the difference and similarities beween the two frameworks and respond to this question: In such a diverse country (USA) with so many different viewpoints and backgrounds how does one determine what is right and what is wrong, AND who decides who is right and who is wrong.
    5-7 pages, APA style


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