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1. What were some of the key differences between the early English settlements in Massachusetts and those in Virginia? What kinds of people settled in each region? What kinds of institutions did they establish? Why did they come? What did each group hope to achieve? How successful were they?

2. Explain how the French and Indian War/Seven Years War was “the war that made America.” Explore the results of the war and how it set the stage for the American Revolution.

3. What, in your informed opinion, “caused” the Salem Witch Trials? What social, political, cultural, economic, religious, etc. circumstances made the trials possible?

4. Western Europeans had many reasons for supporting exploration and colonization. What led different nations to explore and colonize other parts of the world? Consider any events or circumstances that influenced when each nation began to expand as well as what each nation felt they had to gain from exploration and colonization.

5. What is the Columbian Exchange? How did this exchange change the future of humanity (consider the impact on people, nations, the land, etc.? What things had the greatest impact? How were Europe and the Americas impacted differently?

Answer the questions in one or two paragraphs, please make it simple and easy to understand, Also No direct quote from the materials.

The answers will be from this books,
1.Norton, Mary Beth, et. al., eds. A People and a Nation, Volume I to 1877. 10thedition a.ISBN: 9781285430850
2.Godbeer, Richard, ed. The Salem Witch Hunt: A Brief History with Documents.a.ISBN: 978-0312484552
3.Perdue, Theda and Michael D. Green, eds. Cherokee Removal: A Brief History with Documents. a.ISBN: 9780312415990


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