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This is the game “Name me! Many people played it in their childhood. It looks very simple. However, in fact it is a developing game. (Interestingly, it is often used as an Early Intervention game as well because it helps to improve many important skills needed by children with various disabilities.)

Your task is to identify:

What sensory-motor abilities and psychological functions of the child does this game develop?

Description of the game:

Players sit in a circle and roll a ball to each other. 2-3 year old kids may sit between an adult’s legs. Before rolling the ball, each player looks at and says the name of the person the ball is being rolled to. If the name is said incorrectly, the player the ball is being rolled to should roll it back to that one made a mistake. If the name is said correctly, the game continues accordingly to its rules.

Requirements for students responses:

  • Express your ideas briefly, clearly, to the point.
  • Your essay should have 400-500 words. If you submit less, your work will be considered incomplete and 15 points will be taken off.
  • At least two Internet articles should be found to support your ideas in this work.
  • In your text, main statements/key phrases/key words should be formatted as bold face. For example, to calm the child, the mother gave him a pacifier.

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