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Please provide meaningful feedback to the following. Please respond with 200 words :

If I was a member of the UN Security Council, and found out this horrific genocide in Rwanda I would vote yes on Security Council action, sending in reinforcements in the hope of stopping the violence. If people’s lives are being taken, we don’t have time to wait. Unfortunelty, we will risk the lives of peace keepers. However,if wed did nothing we would disobeing the moral that the UN was built on. The UN was built on the principle of collective response to aggression. This is a clear case of aggresion on civillians and the UN definelty have the capability to do something about it. We would be held responsible for the lives lost.

We would need to force the Hutu leaders to stop the violence and to save as many lives as possible as quick as possible. Thats the clear objective. Personally, no, I could not stand by and watch the destruction and death on the nightly news every night. I wouldn’t be able to stand by and wait and let others debate whether or not sending in troops as soon as possible would be the right decision. When peoples lives are being taken because of a evil leader, it’s the UN’s jobs to step in and take control of the situation.


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