Week 8 Discussion Challenges facing organizational communication – Savvy Essay Writers | savvyessaywriters.net


Week 8 Discussion Challenges facing organizational communication – Savvy Essay Writers | savvyessaywriters.net

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Let’s use this week’s discussion to begin brainstorming and sharing ideas about the problem/issue/opportunity for which you’ll explore. If you haven’t already, please read through the Module 8 Overview, which discusses the upcoming course tasks.

Next, what issues, problems, and/or opportunities are you thinking about? Why are these important to your profession? In what ways are they tied to writing? Who (i.e. stakeholders) are interested or invested in the these issues, problems, opportunities? What questions or concerns do you have at this point? What future concerns might you have?

Please complete this initial framing (in about 250-300 words)

Module 8 Overview

Now that you’ve had an opportunity to begin framing your professional identity through the About Me Bio and resume drafts, let’s dig a bit deeper into writing in your profession. For much of the remainder of the semester, you’ll explore a problem, issue, or opportunity in your profession1 that requires writing to create action for resolution. The problem/issue/opportunity on which you choose to focus is up to you, but it should be an issue that impacts a community of stakeholders. In other words, you’ll want to avoid choosing something that is strictly a personal preference. You might, for example, explore the ways in which a new/different approach to case notes might foster a better social worker-client relationship. Or you might examine social media trends and articulate strategies for improved social media marketing.

Ultimately, you will write a proposal that will be included in your Writing in Action portfolio. We’ll discuss proposals in Module 9.

The first steps in this process is to determine the problem/issue/opportunity, identify the stakeholders, complete a reader-centered analysis chart, and consider the project plan.

This module will help you parse out ideas and begin developing the framework for your proposal and ultimately the proposal.

1Profession in this case is broadly defined. It does not necessarily mean the job/position you have now, but, instead, might refer to your field (i.e. social work or business management).

Module Objectives

1. Explore problems/issues/opportunities in your profession

2. Develop an understanding of proposals as a professional genre

3. Identify primary, secondary, and tertiary reader-users, as a community of stakeholders invested in the problem/issue/opportunity you’ve identified.


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