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China in the Contemporary World Essay – Savvy Essay Writers |

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HIST284B/AAAS284A China in the Contemporary World

Short Essays (50% each): Please answer the two questions below. Your essays should be based on historical evidence drawn from the course materials (including lectures, readings, film clips, and images). The total length of the two essays (double-spaced, font size 12) must not exceed 6 pages.

1. Statement: There is no question that China faces serious environmental issues – pollution, water shortage, ecological degradation, a huge demand for natural resources, and so on. It is unfortunate that neither the Chinese government nor Chinese citizens care about domestic or global environmental problems.

Do you agree with this statement? If so, please use concrete evidence to support your argument. If not, please use concrete evidence to dispute the statement.

2. You wake up one morning and discover that you are a noted expert on contemporary China. You have been invited to give a talk on the topic, “Contemporary China: Challenges, Responses, and Hopes,” to an international audience of college students. You have taken HIST/AAAS 284 and know a lot about the topic. You have also read David Shambaugh’s recent book, China’s Future. You decide to compose your speech as a response to Shambugh’s book. Do you agree or disagree with the main arguments of the book? Why? Be sure to support your perspective and points with concrete evidence.


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