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Okay so this is an extra credit assignment and I cant pass this class unless it gets done. I really need your help. It is due today and I already went to the museum and I took pictures of all of the art work. I just need someone to write the essay for me. I will upload the photos and all of the information that you need to write the essay. I would do it myself but I have finals to study for tomorrow

After touring the museum, choose a favorite collection from what you have seen. Take notes about the work you choose from your favorite collection. These notes should include the details listed below. Write an essay about this painting . Send your finished essay to you instructor on College Outlook Email. Report on paintings ( Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, Ink and Mixed Media only). Write a well-constructed critique paper between 350-500 words. (No lists or bullets) that is concise. References and notations are not included in the word count, only your original report. Include an image of the work. The report should cover the following points which will be for grading:

1. Title of work

2. Artists name

3. Medium

4. The style of the work

5. Background and Context of the work

6. Support (on what is it painted?

7. Size of work

8. What elements of art are used (see them listed in your book in the table of contents)

9. Name the main Element of Art and describe how it I used.

10. What Principles of Design are used

I took pictures of the art at the museum and here is the information. below are the pictures of my favorite artwork, and now I just need someone to write the 350 word essay. tHANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS


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