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Choose one painting from the book. Please do not choose one from Chapter Seven. In order to answer the following questions you will need to do some research. Please select reliable sources.

  • Discuss the medium of the painting and how the specific artist was using that medium. For example – when Leonardo painted the “Last Supper” he used tempera and oil paint instead of the traditional fresco technique, and consequently it deteriorated very fast.
  • What kind of support was used? Canvas? Panel? Wall? etc.
  • Did the artist use a preliminary coating?
  • How was the paint applied to the support? by paint brushes? Painting knives? By pouring it? Spraying it? etc.
  • Why do you think the artist chose this specific medium? Because everyone used it? Because it had certain advantages? Because that’s what was available in that time period? etc.
  • Describe how the form (the specific medium) affects the content of the painting (theme, message, iconography, mood). For example – Van Gogh tends to use the impasto technique – very thick undiluted paint. This technique allows for expressive and emotional effects.


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